Sports Day

The Annual Sports Day of MNC was held on 10th February 2017. The day was bright and sunny. Inspired by the passing of the bill on the Rights of Persons with Disability by the Parliament, the children of MNC started the Sports Day with a pentagonal formation proclaiming the 5 rights everyone has – Right to Life, Right to Shelter, Right to Food and Water, Right to Health and Right to Education. They carried placards spelling out these rights, to create awareness amongst the audience. As they moved in circles with the placards in their hands the parents and the guests gathered gave them a loud applause. The Sports day began with the usual March-past and as the children filed by in whites, carrying the flag of the Centre, taking the salute was young and successful cricketer Mr. C Hemanth Kumar, a well known State Cricketer who is presently playing for Chemplast Sanmar. He has represented India under 19, Tamilnadu Ranji Team and Chennai Super Stars. Master Adhavan of the 4 – 6 years group brought the torch which Mr. Hemanth Kumar lit and declared the Sports Day open.

Sports - is part of training for our children, which brings out both physical and cognitive skills to the forefront. Apart from this it also helps in social interaction. Hence although Sports Day is one particular day, in MNC it is part of our curriculum. The children each with his/her own degree of disability displayed extraordinary level of energy and enthusiasm while participating in every event. Physical education has helped the children channelize their energy into productive physical activities. It is foreseen, that the health of the children would be well maintained with the training in suitable physical exercises. With the general health improving, the children would also show improvement in social skills and in the performance of activities of daily living.

The games chosen for the day were from a variety of activities that suits children with different levels of disability involving motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills and daily living activities. Some of the games were :

  • Removes cloth from face
  • Holds rattle
  • Identifies objects
  • Transfers coins
  • Removes blocks from open containers
  • Matches like objects
  • Walking race
  • Removes cylindrical pegs
  • Matches shapes
  • Drops tokens in the piggy bank
  • Arranges pictures of a puzzle
  • Transfers objects using a cloth clip
  • Pairs objects
  • Sack race
  • Screws/unscrews water bottle caps
  • Getting ready to school (collects objects taken to school, put in a bag and zip the bag)

All the children received gifts and prizes from Mr. Hemanth Kumar, who was visibly moved seeing how each child had made the best attempt in participating in the event. He said that he had been to, many a sports meet but this was his first experience with special children and he would never forget it. The sprit exhibited by the children was worthy of emulation and he said he will remember that in future.

The meet came to an end with vote of thanks by Group Head Mrs. Sumathi followed by the National Anthem.

Sports Day Photo Gallery

Sack race in progress

Drill by 4 - 6 years group children

Non mobile children taking part in Identifies pictures shown earlier

2 - 4 years children taking part in Drops tokens in Piggy bank.

Master Adhavan placing the lit sports torch in the pit. Helping him are Mr. Hemanth Kumar, the chief guest and Mr. Venugopal of MNC

Mr. Hemanth Kumar taking the salute at the Marchpast led by Mr.Srivenkatesan, MNC parent

Birth to 2 years children taking part in Removes objects from open containers. Ms. Sarojini judging