NUTIRFEST is an event specially designed to focus on the importance of nutritional intervention in caring for children with mental retardation. “Healthy Foods, Healthy Kids.” It was the tenth edition this year and was celebrated on 10th March 2017. This year the focus of the festival was on Nuts and Oil seeds in our Daily Diet. The theme selected was INCORPORATION OF NUTS AND OIL SEEDS IN OUR DAILY DIET. The theme was selected by the Special Educators of the center to ensure that the parents were made aware of the high nutritional value of Nuts and Oil Seeds.

On the day of the festival the parents with their children, teachers and other invitees gathered in the MNC Hall to be a part of the event marked by color and gaiety, with a colorful array of dishes, vying with each other for taste and display. About 50 dishes came out on the table and the three judges were put to much difficulty in selecting the dishes that were outstanding. Some of the new and innovative recipes were :

  • Peanuts Sweet Balls
  • Poppy Seed Kheer
  • Dates Laddu
  • Peanuts Rice
  • Badam Milk
  • Cashew Pakoras
  • Jack Fruit Seeds Curry
  • Basandi
  • Sunflower Seeds Adai
  • Cocunut Milk rice
  • Sesame and ground nut sweet balls

 It was left to the mothers to further innovate the dish, its consistency and texture to ensure that her child was able to eat it easily.

The judges and special invitees of this year’s event were :

  • Dr. Padmalochani, Developmental Pediatrician with over 15 years of experience. She has been associated with MNC for over 7 years and counsels our mothers and is a consultant to our children. She makes weekly visits to ascertain their progress and guide us in the IEPs.
  • Mr. Arun, Executive Chef, Hotel ambassador Pallava, Chennai with 20 years of experience.
  • Mrs. Mala Chettri, Consultant Nutritionist with over 15 years of expereince who works with kids. She is the Vice President of the Indian Diatec Association.

From the 4 groups that prepared dishes for the competition the group of Mrs. Revathi Kannan, Mrs. Anitha, Ms. Ranjitha and Ms. Sasirekha (age group 4-6) were adjudged the best and appreciated. The take away was the awareness the whole event created for the nutritional value of Nuts and Oil Seeds and the record of recipes that was complied for future use. A copy of the recipes is available in the MNC office.

Nutrifest Photo Gallery

Dishes exhibited at Nutrifest

The judges are seeing the preparations

The award bagged by the mothers of 4-6 years group children