The birthdays of the children attending MNC are celebrated in a very novel way. The last Friday of every month is reserved for the birthday celebration. All children whose birthday falls during the month get to celebrate their birthdays together on the last Friday of every month.

At 1 PM all the children, parents and staff of MNC gather in the central prayer hall. The celebration starts with small rhythmic songs sung by the children and the parents creating a mood of festivity. A chief guest who is a close acquaintance, donor, or friend of MNC is invited to join in the celebration. A chart with the names of the children whose birthday is being celebrated is put up on the board welcoming the chief guest. MNC has a special donation scheme for birthday celebrations. The donor for the event, whose birthday falls during the month finds his name on the board too.

The birthday kids sit around a small table where a huge cake is kept. The kids don party hats and cut the cake one by one. The cake is shared along with other snacks amongst all gathered.

The chief guest addresses the gathering followed by skits, dance, singing by the parents and children. The children have their cake and fun too, dancing and singing.

Birthday Photo Gallery

All set

Mr. Meera Reddy chief guest for the month of November with the children

Mrs. Parimala chief guest for the month of October with the children

Taking turns to cut the cake

The school gathering for the birthday celebration