Fathers' Day

Father’s day was celebrated on Saturday, 16 th September 2017. It is usually the mothers who get involved in the day to day affairs of the child and for a change the fathers were invited along with the children to spend a day at the center. Many of the mothers stayed back and sent the children with the fathers. However five of the mothers came since their husbands were out of station.

At the outset Mrs. Priya Rajkumar, Principal welcomed the gathering and gave a brief introduction about the programme at the center and how the fathers can play an important role in the life of the special child. Mrs. Sumitra Manoharan gave an account of a day’s happening in the center. She introduced the entire staff to the gathering. She took the audience through a narrative of how the day for their child starts with the Prayer, followed by Yoga, Therapies, IEPs and Group teaching. She explained every aspect in detail so that the fathers have a clear picture of how their child receives the intervention at the centre. They were then allowed into the class rooms and left to observe the various therapies given to the child. The fathers evinced keen interest in the IEPs to their children and wanted to know about the skills under each domain. They participated in Group activities along with their children.

Mrs. Jaya Krishnaswamy, Director gave a talk on how the fathers can help in the development of their child and how the mothers need support in their mission of rehabilitating their child. “The efforts of the special educator at the center when strengthened with that of the parents will work wonders for the child”, she said.

Snacks and tea were served to all. When the fathers were asked at the end of the day how they felt, mixed emotions were spelt out. Some of them said it was overwhelming and to think that our wives were doing this everyday was really surprising, They said ‘that in acting as carry over agents at home they understood that they must also play a vital role and support their wives’. Some of them were apprehensive about the future of their children. What after MNC was a question many asked. Mrs. Vimala Kannan, Director, explained about mainstreaming and the concerted efforts that the whole family must put to steer the child towards it, and being patient with the center till such time the child is ready for mainstreaming. With the promise of coming often to the centre and not only on father’s day, the fathers left with their children.

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