Annual Day

28th Annual Day

12th of December 2017, MNC completed 28 years of service to children with developmental delays as in Mental Retardation and associated disabilities in the age group 6 years and below. A special day for MNC, since it brings to the front the last twenty seven years of tireless and the dedicated work put in by the founders, Management Team, the staff, and of course the children and the parents.

The 28th Annual Day celebration of the centre was indeed a joyous occasion for the parents, staff and the children of Madhuram Narayanan Centre. As every year, a theme was selected so that the children could perform on the theme. This year the theme was “VRIKSHAM”. Vriksham or tree represents nature and development. It is also an important aspect in providing an ecological balance for us. Every part of the tree from root to the trunk, branches, leaves and flowers depict a particular aspect which we can easily relate to a development of a child. From that perspective the theme being presented today also depicts the development of a child in its entire splendor.

Trees clean the air, soil and water, making the earth a livable place. They are so integral to human well being that just living close to trees makes us healthier and happier. This aspect was highlighted so that the children would learn about the trees and the products we get from them.

The Chief Guest was Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar, the Founder of Sneha – an organization involved in the prevention of suicides. She is also a practicing psychiatrist and a professional counselor. She heads the department of psychiatry in Voluntary Health Services, Chennai and is an honorary professor for the University of Melbourne. She is also a member of WHO network on suicide prevention and research.

As the clock struck half an hour past ten, we had the chief guest walking into the hall with Mr. N Kumar – Vice Chariman, Sanmar Group. Mr. S Krishnan welcomed the gathering and recorded the dedicated and passionate thoughts of Mr. K.S.Narayanan, Mr N. Sankar, Mr N.Kumar, Late Air Vice Marshal V Krishnaswamy, Prof Jeychandran and Mrs.Jaya Krishnaswamy in establishing MNC. He recalled that they with the support of many likeminded individuals both from the field and outside the field have successfully translated the thoughts into meaningful activities benefitting many children and have given a helping hand to the parents to come out of their shackles and face the reality with courage of conviction. He said that we should salute all of them as they have transformed MNC from a demonstration cum training centre to an Institution of repute and also as a model centre in the Early Intervention program, with recognition from the Government, and experts in the field of disability.

Next came the performance of the children with their parents. Six trees were chosen Fig, Mango, Neem, Coconut, Plantain and Sandalwood trees and their usage to mankind was depicted through a song and dance sequence. Many of the children wore costumes replicating the trees and there was squirrel that nibbled on the coconut and ran around all the trees narrating the story. The audience enjoyed thoroughly and the applause took a long time dying.

Dr. Lakshmi in her address mentioned that as a psychiatrist I have been through many tough situations and in my profession we are not supposed to get emotional but today I am really touched”. She praised the mothers for all their efforts in tuning their children so well to perform on the stage in spite of their disability and their patience and perseverance in managing their children is a lesson for other mothers to learn. Mr. N Kumar in his address thanked everyone whose presence was a great encouragement for the children and the mothers and praised the centre for its untiring work.

The day came to an end with the national anthem and light refreshments.

Annual Day Photo Gallery

A large section of the audience

Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar the Chief guest addressing the gathering

Master Darshan of the Montessori depicting a mango tree

Mr. N Kumar, Vice Chairman, Sanmar Group lighting the traditional kuthuvilakku

Ms. Bhavani and Ms. Sumathi rendering the prayer

Ms. Dipti with the Diploma in Spl Edn course seen with Dr. Lakshmi, Mrs. Jaya Krishnaswami and Mr. N Kumar

The parents perform introducing the theme 'Vriksham'to the audience

'Vriksham' - Trees - A dance drama on the importance of trees by the children