Annual Day

27th Annual Day

The atmosphere was electric, the hall full, the children fidgety, the parents anxious and the mood joyous. The 27th Annual Day of Madhuram Narayanan Center for Exceptional Children was celebrated with great gusto and dance and music at the Bengal Association Hall, T Nagar, Chennai 600017 on the 6th of January 2017. Mr. Ramanujam, Executive Chairman of Brakes India Limited, was the Chief Guest. He said that he was overwhelmed by the spirit of both the mothers who danced with abandon, and the children who in spite of their special needs put up a wonderful show. He was particularly appreciative of Madhuram Narayanan Centre which was doing yeomen service by providing Early Intervention to the children for the past 27 years.

The Children and the parents gave a presentation on the theme "Bharathi Dharmam" based on Poet Subramanya Bharathiyar's song 'Sindhu Nadiyin Misai Nilavinile'.  They danced to songs written by the poet and other poets, all of them patriotic in nature, in Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. The training the children had received, the effort that the parents and special educators had put in, came out vividly in the presentation. Everyone including the special invitees was mesmerized and spell bound by the performance and the eye catching dresses of the children. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the deeply, emotionally uplifting experience of the presentation and the applause took a long time dying. Mrs. Sowmya Raghavan, Director, MNC mentioned that the songs selected for the presentation made even the senior citizens in the audience tap their feet and clap their hands.

The Special invitees included Mr. N Sankar, Chairman, Sanmar Group, Mr. N Kumar, Vice Chairman, Sanmar Group, Mrs. S Prabhakar Rao, Director MNC, Mrs. Nirmala Venkateswaran, Dr. Kalpana Gowrishankar, Mrs. Madhura Visweswaran, Director MNC, Mrs. Sowmya Raghavan, Director MNC, Dr. S Ganesh, and Mr. Balasubramaniam, well wishers of MNC and a host of parents, siblings of MNC children.

MNC started an academic wing in 2012, providing an opportunity for persons who are interested to equip themselves in the field of Special Education. This serves as an empowerment to our parents, (many of whom opt for this course) who not only are better equipped to handle their children but also take up a career in the field of Special Education. The chief guest Mr. R Ramanujam distributed diplomas to candidates who passed out in the year 2014-2015.

The children with special needs, and the parents and special educators for whom it must have been difficult training them, gave hope to special parents that with early intervention and the will much can be done for the special children. 

Annual Day Photo Gallery

Mr. N Sankar, Chairman Sanmar Group, Mr. N Kumar, Vice Chairman, Sanmar Group along with the Chief Guest Mr R Ramnujam, Exec. Chairman, Brakes India Ltd, lighting the traditional kuthuvilaku to inaugurate the annual day

People who made it happen

Children of 4-6 years dancing for a Tamil song

Children of 4-6 years group performing to a Bengali Song

Children of the Montessori section dancing to a punjabi song

Dandia Dance by the parents