Madhuram Narayanan Centre for Exceptional Children provides Early Intervention services for children (6 years and below) with Mental Retardation (MR), Developmental Delays (DD) and associated disabilities like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Down’s syndrome (DS), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Hydrocephaly, Microcephaly, Metabolic Disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).
Estd. in December 1989
Recent happenings
Our way of reaching out to experts and parents.
Our Children

In the last 24 years of its journey, the centre has guided, counseled and trained parents in the management of over 5200 children with disabilities.

Training & Therapy

The training which is centre-based, home-based and centre-home-based has an indigenously developed systematic, structured program - Upanayan Early Intervention Program. The activities are supported by various augmentative projects: Annaporna, Sanmargam, Sankarshana, Sambhavam along with Yoga and Music programs.


On April 17th MNC celebrated the graduation ceremony of its tiny tots, Moving Ahead to school education in special and mainstream schools.

Support Us

By donating your time, expertise and other resources you can help us reach and brighten many lives of such exceptional children

Recent News

A lot has been happening in the last few months!

MNC's 25th YEAR
1989 - 2014

The second edition of Samyam was conducted on 19th July 2014 - the first celebration of the 25th Year of MNC.

Soon after the Centre shifting to a new premises in the month of June 2013, a Montessori Unit was started as a transit program for children moving ahead to mainstream schools. Local papers featured some of the main activities of the Centre.

MNC's 25th Year

1989 - 2014


4th Intl. Conference / 10th Natl. Workshop

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Sarva Siksha Abhiyan

MNC is working along with SSA in the adaptation of its curriculum to suit the Special Education Needs (SEN) of children with disabilities.

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Project Sambavam

Making children experience real-life situations in a classroom environment.

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Admission open

Diploma Course in Early Childhood Special Education (MR) begins Sept 1. Last date for admission 31st August.

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Social Accounts for 2011-12 were released

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Montessori Section inaugurated on 15th August 2013.

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India NGO Award - Small Category

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